Daenerys Targaryen - Daenerys and her brother, Viserys, are the remaining (known) heirs to the Targaryen line. They have fled Westeros to the Free Cities where Viserys plots his return to King’s Landing. His initial step is to marry Daenerys to Khal Drogo of the Dothraki in exchange for an army of  40,000 khalasar. At her wedding, she receives three dragon eggs, one green, one red and one gold. She is assured that they have been turned to stone over time but still possess great worth.

Viserys becomes jealous of the power Deanerys assumes as khaleesi, wife of the Khal. In a drunken rage, he demands of Drogo the golden crown that he has promised. In response, Drogo removes all of the gold on his body (which is not inconsiderable) and dumps it in the stew pot to melt. To Viserys’ chagrin, crowns him with the molten gold. His death now leaves Deanerys as the heir to the Targaryen crown.

In a strange turn of fate, Drogo receives a wound in battle that results in him falling into a coma. Stricken by the lifelessness of Drogo, she smothers him with a pillow. Drogo’s funeral pyre is prepared and Daenerys proclaims her desire to burn with Drogo and the dragon’s eggs. Before she steps into the fire, she tells her khalasar that she will lead any who stay to a great destiny. The following morning, Daenerys is revealed to be not only alive but unburnt. And she is surrounded by three infant dragons, one green, one red and one gold.

Along with Ser Jorah Mormont and her few remaining khalasar, she finally arrives at the city of Qarth. She leaves Quath in a single ship with a small stash of valuables and sails for Astapor in Slaver’s Bay. Here, Ser Jora convinces her that her only way to raise an army is to purchase the Unsullied, an elite army of 8,000 eunuchs. As they ponder the decision, they are joined by Ser Barristan Selmy, the Lord Commander of the King’s Guard under her father the Mad King and released from service by Joffrey. He offers to serve in her Queen’s Guard and she accepts.

The following day, she meets with Kraznys, the owner of the Unsullied, and strikes as a bargain, the gold dragon, Drogon, in trade for the army and his translator, Missandei. On the transfer of the Unsullied to Daenerys, she commands them to kill all of the slave masters. She then turns to Krasnys and gives Drogon the order “Dracarys” meaning “fire” and Krasnys gets his final payment. Daenarys frees the Unsullied but, given the choice to go or stay, to a man they stay to fight for her.

With the army of Unsullied in her wake, she leaves Astapor for Yankai to continue her campaign to free the slaves of Slaver’s Bay. Arriving at Yankai, she finds it well defended by several factions including the mecenaries, the Second Sons. Stricken by Daenerys’ beauty, Daario, a captain of the Second Sons, kills his two co-leaders and turns over the mercenaries to her. With his help, they take Yankai in a single night. With the addition of the 2,000 Second Sons, she proceeds in her march to capture Meereen.

Upon arriving in Meereen, she sends Grey Worm, captain of the Unsullied, to sneak into the city and incite a slave rebellion. With the fall of the masters of the city, she takes residence in the great pyramid towering over the city. On learning that one of her dragons has killed a local girl, she imprisons Rhaegal and Viserion, the green and gold dragons. However, Drogon is not to be found.

At the urging of her supporters, Daenerys reopens the fighting pits, sort of a more brutal gladiatorial event. At the opening of the pits, Daenerys is convinced to attend. Here she is attacked by the Sons of the Harpy, a dissident group dedicated to returning the masters to rule over Meereen. Ser Jora, whom she has banished, has returned as a fighter in the pits and is instrumental in saving her life. However, they are soon surrounded by the Sons and their doom is imminent. Cue Drogon who swoops over the walls and unleashes his fire on the Harpys (and a few unwitting standers-by). But even his presence is not enough to carry the day. But it is enough to carry Daenerys from danger. Unfortunately, he carries her far from Meereen to his lair where he is content to lie and lick his wounds. This leaves Daenerys to walk back to town.

As fate would have it, she is soon set upon by a band of Dothraki who take her prisoner, promising some fun later on. When she reveals that she is Khal Drogo’s widow and, therefore, kaleesi, the games are canceled. But she now finds herself in the Temple of Dosh Khaleen. This is where all widowed khaleesi must spend their remaining days. When Daenerys takes leave to relieve herself, she finds that Ser Jora and Daario have come to her aid. She convinces them that she has the situation well in hand and asks their help.

That night, as the khals gather in the Temple to determine her fait, Daenerys tilts one of the many braziers setting the Temple aflame. When the Khals rush to the door, they find it has beeb barred by Ser Jora and Daario. Tilting the remaining braziers, she kills all of the Khals and, as the door crashes in flames, steps forth in her glory (again unburnt and birthday suit) to the total adulation of the gathered Dothraki tribes. Thus, her army swells by 100,000 Dothraki warriors. (After the War of the Five Kings, Westeros can probably muster no more than 75,000 warriors and ZERO dragons.)

As Daenerys starts toward Meereen with her new army, she is met by Drogon who, of course, offers her a quick return.

Meanwhile, back in Meereen, under the rule of Tyrion with assistance from Lord Varys, Missandae and Grey Worm, has become quite unsettled. They are currently under attack by the Slave Masters that she had previously overthrown. As they ponder their fate, Daenerys is delivered to the pyramid by Drogon. The following day, Daenerys, along with her advisors, meets with the three leaders of the Slave Masters to discuss the terms of surrender. When informed by the masters that they had previously offered her ships which she rejected, they are now prepared to discuss their terms of surrender. When Daenerys informs them that she is not here to discuss her surrender, but theirs, they look at her dumfounded. At this point, Drogon appears, Daenerys mounts him and they, along with Rhaegel and Viserion (which Tyrion had freed), attack one of the ships, burning it to ash. End of battle, QED.

To complete her armada, Daenerys meets with Theon Greyjoy and his sister, Yara, who command 100 Ironborne ships that they wish to place at her disposal. In return, they wish to see the death of their uncle Euron who has killed their father and assumed his crown.

As Season 6 concludes, Daenerys, along with her posse, is seen sailing from Meereen with the three dragons in escort.